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How to choose a research question or hypothesis?

Once you have successfully chosen a topic for your thesis/thesis and have found a consultant, it is time to delve deeper into the topic. Optimally, we have covered the subject/field in question during our studies (perhaps that is why we want to write a thesis on it), even more optimally, EssayAssistant we have an idea of the question/hypothesis in advance. If this is not the case, we have several options to choose from:

  • if you have chosen a pre-defined topic for your thesis, you will presumably be given questions/hypotheses.
  • If we trust our supervisor, we can raise with him/her our perplexities about the research question and purpose of the final thesis, and he/she will certainly give us some help. In this case, just bear in mind that, if you have asked for his help, it is only right to use it and to apply the concept he suggests (suggests) when writing the thesis.

Perhaps the most useful thing to do is to take some time and do some research on the subject on the Internet. In most cases, we will find articles, studies, case studies that can give us an idea to find our research question or hypothesis.

In terms of the aim of the thesis, the questions it addresses and the hypothesis, it is worth choosing something that

  • something interesting and unconventional
  • measurable, testable
  • something to compare and contrast
  • there is literature available.

If we manage to find a topic that more or less meets the above criteria, it is worth checking our hypothesis, on the one hand, with the help of our good friend Google, and on the other hand, we can ask our consultant for his or her opinion. This will save us a lot of compare and contrast essays help unnecessary work.

Another small point to bear in mind is that, however sad or depressing the research topic and hypothesis, it is worth finding a formulation that has a positive connotation, which gives a quasi 'meaning' to the work done in the final thesis.

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