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    pediatric noise

    Posted in: Pediatrics

    ​I'm looking for feedback about using pediatric noise as a test stimulus in the soundfield.  We are finding that pediatric noise thresholds are worse than thresholds for warbled tones (mostly used on kids ages 1-5 yrs).  Anyone else having difficulty?  ...

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    Eclipse ABR

    Posted in: Pediatrics

    We're looking into new ABR equipment for one of our sites and the Eclipse was recommended. I have primarily used the BioLogic Navigator Pro. If anyone has/is currently using the eclipse I'd be interested in your opinion regarding its functionality, ...

  • Posted in: Pediatrics

    John Oghalai, MD has done research on children with developmental delays who receive CI. I'm not sure if his study is published yet, but we were actually just discussing this in one of our recent meetings. He stated his research has shown that children ...

  • Posted in: Pediatrics

    "Medical clearance" is just that--is there an infection, local skin condition, or other medically-surgically treatable condition that could be remedied, and that would prevent placing a hearing aid? This ENT has no business judging that hearing aids wouldn't ...

  • Posted in: Pediatrics

    Can anyone point to some good literature supporting the use of amplification in children with severe (maybe profound) cognitive/developmental delays?  My staff and I always recommend amplification, but there is an ENT that is not giving clearance in children ...

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