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    We have our first question of 2019. I searched the library of 2018 questions and answers and didn't see any directly relevant to this.  (I'll get the 2017 questions up shortly.) the question is below: From:   Blake Studley <bstudley@giaud.com> ...

  • TO:  PPAC Welcome to the PPAC Community. All of you should be able to join now. In the libraries section I've started putting some reference material etc.  Please let me know what you would like to see there. I also posted draft minutes of our call last ...

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    Hi all--i'm sure we've discussed this in the past... i find that with Windows 10, i may need to be looking at new ABR equipment that is compliant.  Particularly interfacing with EPIC across multiple ABR units. So...who has ABR equipment that they love, ...

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