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    I have a patient who's family is moving to Vestal, NY (near Binghamton, NY) in a couple of months ... He's under 2 years old with binaural amplification. ... he also has a baby sibling on the way that will need follow up.  I'm looking for recommendations ...

  • Posted in: Pediatrics

    ​Hello Pediatric Community Members, Thank you to everyone who participated in the 3rd meeting that was both virtual and in person at the AAA conference in Columbus last week.  I will be posting the slides and resources within the next 2 weeks to the ...

  • Posted in: Students

    Hi Neil, Just sent you an email to lay out how to get involved with the SAA using this proposal. Let me know if you have additional questions! ------------------------------ Liz Marler SAA President 2018-2019 lizmarler.saa@gmail.com --------------- ...

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