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    Biologic Scout. Diagnostic to 10k. Sue Windmill 9537 Park Manor Blue Ash, OH 45242 502-608-3184 sue.windmill@gmail.com ------Original Message------ ​Hello All--looking for equipment that measures OAE at frequencies ...

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    Alison, the Otodynamics ILO V6 Clinical DP ranges from 842-9509 Hz and tests 15 discreet frequencies. Regards, Greg Gregory Frazer, AuD, PhD, FAAA, ABA, CCC-A Adjunct Professor UCSD/San Diego State U Audiology Program ...

  • Posted in: Pediatrics

    ​Hey Alison, I hope you're well.  While I've been fortunate to have experience with several pieces of equipment, I've found that the Biologic AuDX Pro and the Scout from Natus are both great options for DP/TEOAEs and utilize broad frequency ranges (both ...

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