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    At Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, we have only a NICU (no well-baby nursery), so every baby receives an AABR prior to discharge. The audiologists are the ones who perform all of the screenings in our NICU. We have our risk factors divided...

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    Dr. Frazer, I appreciate you taking the time to provide such a thorough and detailed response to some of the insight I've provided on this particular discussion chain. While I have only been just recently included in the Pediatric Community Forum...

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    Oops! Here are the references for my sound localization post. Regards, Greg Wertheimer, M., Psychomotor coordination of auditory and visual space at birth. Sci, 134: p. 1692. Field, T.J., D. Muir, R. Pilon, et al., Infants' orientation...

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    Hi Joshua! You are so right about just trying to test any infant or child to see if they will respond behaviorally. Don't worry about what the literature says about norms. However, for those that do care about what the literature says, Newborns and...

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    Hi Joshua! You stated, " Even though TEOAEs elicit more movement along the basilar membrane (i.e., broadband stimulus click), the literature tells us that they are more sensitive to the presence of hearing loss, as the emissions will not be present...

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