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    Hi Bethany, I have done numerous sedated ABRs in OR and, yes, it is a very challenging environment. How to control the "noise" in OR will partly depend on the brand of the ABR equipment. I have used both Vivosonic and Biologic so I can share some...

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    We also run ABRs in the OR almost daily at AI duPont's Hospital for Children in Delaware. In addition to those comments so generously offered by Dr. Grimes we, too, will often attempt the following in order to obtain a less "noisy" response:...

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    Regarding the first child, I would likely do as you are suggesting and give him a program with lots of noise control and lower gain. Teacher report and looking at the data log should be able to tell you pretty quickly whether he's turning down the...

  • Posted in: Pediatrics

    We do. Ask nurse, anesthesiologist to unplug everything that's not mandatory. Bed-warmer, monitors, anything. Braid the electrodes. Try another outlet (you've probably done this already). "Ground" the patient by touching them (leg, arm,...

  • Posted in: Pediatrics

    Do any of you do sedated ABR's in the OR following PE tube surgery? We just recently began doing this and are running into so much electrical interference. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that they can recommend? We have done sedated ABR's in...

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