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    Schedule change (my fault - I double booked myself).  We will meet on June 7th at 4:30 EST.  Thank you to Bridget for your flexibility.  Again, please email me if you would like to be included.  I will send out the meeting invitation today to all on the ...

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    June Virtual Meeting

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    Hello fellow Ped Community Members, I am scheduling our final pediatric virtual discussion group for the academic year.  Bridgette Shanahan, AuD (just graduated or is graduating this week after completing her 4th year at Boston Children's Hospital) ...

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    Thank you all for your replies.   For the left ear, responses to 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz tone bursts were obtained at 20 dBeHL.  I didn't include the tracings because they were not relevant to my question.  I'm familiar with the possible ...

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    I meant ABR thresholds for the left ear. Greg Sent from my iPad ------Original Message------ Hello Laura!  Happy to help with this one. As Gretchen mentioned, those sinus waves you're seeing at the beginning are all stimulus artifact (including what ...

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    It should be noted that if you have hearing thresholds below 35-40 dB HL (normal pure tone hearing sensitivity or SNHL), you usually get present OAEs. If you have a patent PE tube (or acute TM perf), and there is no effusion, then you will usually get ...

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