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  • Posted in: New Professionals

    Hi Tina, Happy holidays! Thanks for checking back in. I don't have any major updates, but I will provide a general overview of what I know at this point. Since this information was spread by members and an online petition was created several...

  • Posted in: New Professionals

    Hi everyone (and Courtney!), As the year comes to a close, I'm just looping back on discussions and old emails. I'm just wondering if there have been any updates to this discussion? Happy Holidays! ------------------------------ Tina Penman...

  • Posted in: Students

    Hi Jeni, In my university's clinic, we were always very careful to explain the need for physician approval or a waiver in such a way that our patients would feel comfortable with either choice, but letting them know that if we had any concerns,...

  • Posted in: Students

    A few weeks ago, we received an email from the Academy (that I took a screenshot of and included for reference) letting us know about the change to the medical waiver requirement for adults looking to buy hearing aids. Up to this point, I have had...

  • Posted in: Pediatrics

    I just uploaded the slides with notes from the November virtual meeting in the community library. Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to Emily Venskytis for presenting the case to lead off the discussion on management of unilateral...

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