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    I am posting this on behalf of a colleague at University of Minnesota. She has a hearing loss and also works at the Disability Resource Center. She is helping with organizing the annual Deaf & Hard of Hearing (DHH) Day at the University of Minnesota...

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    Hi Everyone, I'm serving on a national pediatrician advisory group for a Quality Improvement project related to newborn hearing screening practices, and we have our main in-person meeting with practice teams on SUNDAY. I was very surprised to learn...

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    Audiologists and researchers know that a longstanding occlusion of the ear (e.g. conductive hearing loss caused by otitis media) can have detrimental long-lasting effects on a child’s language skills. These effects can also include decreased...

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    Hi all, Our SAA chapter has been invited to be part of a health fair this weekend that is aimed to serve our local Vietnamese community. We are excited to attend the event, at which we will have an information booth and video otoscopy for visitors....

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    Hi Tina, Happy holidays! Thanks for checking back in. I don't have any major updates, but I will provide a general overview of what I know at this point. Since this information was spread by members and an online petition was created several...

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